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Covid-19 Update March 20th

Dear Members,

A special meeting of the committee was convened on Monday 16th March by teleconference to discuss and make decisions in relation to developing an appropriate response to Covid-19.  The committee is very mindful of our responsibility to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our staff, members and general public. The committee will follow the requirements and guidance of the Government, HSE and the Irish Sailing Authority of which we are a member.

The ISA having had discussions with a number of stakeholders from both competitive and training backgrounds, concluded that social distancing is not only difficult to achieve on shore from an organisers’ perspective, but also difficult to achieve at a personal level on the water. For double handers and/or keelboats requiring two or more crew, it is not possible. Even for organised activities involving single handers requiring safety cover (with two people in the safety boat), it is not achievable.

For this reason, IRISH SAILING ADVISES THAT ALL ORGANISED SAILING ACTIVITY SHOULD CEASE WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT AND WILL BE REVIEWED ON 29TH MARCH. The ISA will continue to monitor Government announcements and update the advice accordingly.

This does not immediately impact GHYC as we have no organised events or sailing within that time frame.

At present there is no certainty on how long particular measures and guidance will remain in place or to what new measures may be required and over what time frame. With that in mind the strategy  of the committee is to plan for our various courses, events and sailing taking place until such time as a cancellation or postponement is required. The committee will endeavour to do this in a timely way so that our members can act and plan accordingly.

The committee has considered Covid-19 actions under a number of headings and these are set out below.

Advisory Messages from GHYC:

The primary method of notification to members will be via Email and posted subsequently on the GHYC website and Facebook.

Clubhouse and Meetings:

The clubhouse is currently closed for meetings and activities. The committee has decided to continue with the planned painting of the clubhouse walls and ceilings (commenced 19th March) and this will be followed by a thorough cleaning so that when activities there can resume they will be in an hygienic environment as the club can  maintain.

All meetings of the various committees are now being held by teleconference until further notice. Arrangements for using the teleconference facility can be arranged through the Commodore. This arrangement can facilitate a maximum of 10 people and is a sponsored facility.

The clubhouse yard equipment move out is scheduled for 2nd May, a decision on this will be made closer to the time, for the present the 2nd May date is not cancelled/postponed.

Subscriptions, Course and Sailing Fees:

In any crisis financial planning plays a key role in maintaining an organisations viability, GHYC is no different and our Treasurer Richard Bradburn is undertaking such assessments and advising the committee. The club has ongoing commitments i.e mortgage repayments, insurance, building maintenance, boat and engine maintenance, engine and boat replacement, Training Manager and Instructor costs, etc.

Membership Fee’s: We would ask all members to continue to support the Club by paying their memberships in a timely way. Under the clubs Articles of Association membership fee’s are not refundable however  if a member who has paid a membership fee has been impacted financially, the club will deal with that situation sympathetically and in confidence.

Course Fees: If the club has to cancel a course then a 100% refund will be made to the course applicant. If an applicant cancels a course then the club makes a 75% refund under the Club’s Terms and Conditions. We would ask members who had intended to book courses to continue to do so in the normal way, this enables to club to plan our course numbers and staff them appropriately.

Sailing/Racing Fee’s: The format for these fee’s have not yet been determined for the 2020 season and the Sailing Sub Committee will advise in due course.


We want to reassure you that we will continue to closely monitor the situation and to review the plans for these events in line with updated health advice and guidance.   We will at all times act in the best interests of public health and safety in an effort to play our part in the global efforts to contain the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

First Aid Course:

The ISA have waived the requirement for instructors to have undertaken a first aid course in light of Covid-19 situation prior to the season commencing, the course will have to be undertaken later in the year however. The course is due to be undertaken on 11th April, the committee will make a decision on whether this course can go ahead at the end of March.

Instructors Courses:

The Safety Boat Course is due to be held on the 18th April, the committee will make a decision on whether this course can go ahead at the end of March.

Other instructor courses are scheduled for June. The committee will work with the ISA in relation to instructor requirements in light of Covid -19. If you are an approved instructor already and had planned on travelling abroad this year and now find that this is not possible (i.e J1 situation) please contact the Training Manager, Kevin Percy if you wish to explore opportunities with GHYC this summer.

Sunday Leagues (Dinghys):

Currently planned for 12th April, the committee will make a decision on whether this can go ahead as planned at the end of March.

School Sailing (National Schools):

Currently planned for 2nd to 19th June inclusive, the committee currently assuming going ahead but will keep under review in accordance with school, ISA and HSE guidance. Decision will be made at the end of May.

Sailing Courses:

First sailing course is planned for 29th June, the committee currently assuming going ahead and planning accordingly with respect to boats, equipment and instructors. Decision will be reviewed at the end of May taking account of HSE and ISA guidance.

Classic 2020:

GHYC  is fully committed to the exciting Classic 2020 schedule of events and is continuing to plan for them.

Message from the Commodore:

Your health and wellbeing and that of the wider community is of paramount importance to us. We will plan for our events and sailing but will be guided by our Government, HSE and ISA in its implementation. We look forward to your continued support so that we can continue with our planning so that we can all get back on the water this summer and enjoy our beautiful harbour.

Eamon Timoney