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Update on Glandore Pier. 24.5.22



Glandore Harbour Yacht Club directors met yesterday morning with representatives from Cork County Council to discuss the authority’s plans set out in its Notice to Mariners No. 7 of 2022.

It was reiterated that Glandore Harbour Yacht Club has serious concerns with the proposed notice in its current format. Members discussed in depth certain elements and gave counter proposals to the ones planned by the council.

Cork County Council representatives agreed to explore the changes proposed and will re-engage with Glandore Harbour Yacht Club once a final proposal is completed.

The Council has also assured us that there will be no changes to current pier usage, apart from a couple of keep-clear boxes marking off access to infrastructure.

We look forward to working with CCC and engage in meaningful discussion to strengthen marine leisure activities for all stakeholders in Glandore Harbour.

Operational Committee. GHYC