Glandore Harbour Yacht Club

2023 Race Results

GHYC Hosted Open Events – Results

National/Regional Event NameClass Event Start Date DurationResults
At Home Regatta
see NOR03/6/232 daysResults Squibs
Results Dragons
Celtic ChallengeDragon17/6/232 daysResults
ICLA Summer Sprint SeriesDinghies24/6/23see NORResults ICLA 4
Results ICLA 6
Results ICLA 7
Rose Bowl RegattaDragons & Squibs19/8/232 daysResults Dragons
Results Squibs


CHYC Club Events – Results

Event NameClassEvent date startEvent durationResults
Spring Sunday Dinghy LeagueDinghySERIES CANXto 21/5
Dragon May Evening LeagueDragonSERIES CANX
Dragon May Saturday LeagueDragon13/5/2327/5/23Results
Squib Early Evening LeagueSquib31/5/23to 28/6Results
Dragon Evening LeagueDragon07/6/23All season to 30/8Results
Dragon Summer League
Dragon10/6/23All season (See NOR) to 29/5Results
Squib Summer LeagueSquib10/6/23to 29/7Results
Dinghy ~June Team Racing PracticeDinghy20/6/23to 29/6
Dragon Derby - DDDragon01/7/232 daysResults
Dinghy Early July Fleet RacingDinghy4/7/23to 13/7
Squib Late Evening LeagueSquib05/7/23to 30/8Results
Squib Derby - SDSquib09/7/231 dayResults
Mary Anns Castletownshend & return RacesSquibs & Dragons15/7/231 dayResults Dragons R1
Res R1 Squibs
Res R2 Dragons
Res R2 Squibs
Dinghy Late July Fleet
Dinghy18/7/23to 27/7
Gordon's CupDinghy30/7/231 dayResults
Dinghy Early August Fleet RacingDinghy1/8/2310/8
Squib Summer Cup - SSCSquib02/8/231 dayResults
1908 RaceSquibs & Dragons05/8/231 dayResults
Dinghy Fauxconi CupDinghy06/8/231 day
Glandore Regatta for KeelboatsSquibs & Dragons
12/8/231 dayResults Dragons
Results Squibs
Glandore Regatta for DinghiesDinghy13/8/231 day
Dinghy Derby
Dinghy15/8/231 day
Dinghy Late summer fleet racingDinghy17/8/23to 23/8
Dinghy Team racing trainingDinghy22/8/23to 24/8
Karen Horgan Memorial Trophy & return raceSquibs & Dragons26/8/231 dayResults Squibs
Results Squibs return
Results Dragons
Results Dragon Retn

Kowloon BridgeDragons02/9/231 dayResults
Squib Autumn racesSquibs02/9/2323/9
Dragon Golden LeagueDragons09/9/234 Saturdays to 30/9
Dinghy Autumn Sunday LeagueDinghy17/9/23to 22/10