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We are delighted to announce that we have been given the green light to run the Primary School Programme in 2021 subject to changes caused by the Covid situation. Numbers overall will be curtailed to allow for better social distancing and the programme will operate using the very successful GHYC Supported Sailing model. Children will arrive ready to sail and be picked up from the pier afterwards. There will be no use of changing rooms or congregating ashore. There will be no formal meal break but instead a more compressed session which should allow the same amount of time for fun on the water. Children should have a wetsuit but it is imperative that each child have their own properly fitting  PFD or buoyancy aid.

Prices have again been held at only €10 per day but members are reminded that it is free for current paid up members, please quote your membership receipt number from EPP on booking. A big thanks to all the volunteers, be they instructors, helpers or adult volunteers without whom the programme could not function for the local schools.