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Welcome to the GHYC Squib page!

The 2019 sailing calendar is now set and we can look forward to another full schedule over the coming summer. This will include the leagues and regular regattas that will add up to over 70 races before the season is complete. We will also plan to fit in opportunities for fleet development and the occasional social outing where possible.

The Squib fleet is always pleased to welcome new participants – both boat owners and crew. Please contact me at Class Captain for more information.

Looking forward to seeing you on the water.

Rory Doyle

Class Captain



A Squib is a type of small racing keelboat designed in 1967 by Oliver Lee as a successor to the Ajax 23. It is a strict “one-design” class of boat, having a length of 5.79m, beam of 1.87m, a sail area of 15.8 sq m (without spinnaker) and a weight of 680kg (including sails and fittings). The usual crew is two people and the boat can be cruised or raced with a Portsmouth Yardstick of 1129. The Squib has been adopted by the RYA as the National Keelboat and is big enough to race at sea and small enough to be trailed easily behind a family car. For more info Read