Glandore Harbour Yacht Club


To get the best from the Calendar see guide below

Instructions for Calendar

Starting from the right hand corner (Top Line)

  • View Calendar in Full Screen Mode (turn your mobile device sideways)
  • The next three boxes give you options on how you view the calendar
    • Monthly – displays A monthly view and events are displayed within each day, clicking onan event will provide further details
    • Agenda – displays all events regardless of month, one event per line – use Load More to get more events to display
    • Pinboard – Displays all events with graphics in the order they occur – use Load More to get more events to display
  • Subscribe allows you to Subscribe to this calendar on your PC/Mac, smartphone or Tablet, normally you only need to Subscribe on one device and then the Calendar should appear on all your associated devices. (Subscribe does NOT interfere with your personal Calendar in any way and your Personal Calendar is not copied to the GHYC Web Site)
    • If you copy this webcal://   link into your Calendar Client you will subscribe to the whole calendar
    • If you add another parameter to the line above as in    webcal://  you will only subscribe to those events that are Tagged with the word Squib, other Tags include Dragon, ISA, Social, Schools, GHYC, Regatta
  • Submit Event provides any viewer with the opportunity to submit and event which they believe has been missed and is relevant to the GHYC activities, the committee will take a view on the relevance of the Event and either agree or not to include it within the Calendar.
  • The next three boxes are associated with the current month being displayed, the left and right arrows move back or forward a month, if you click within the Date field the whole month calendar will appear, which also allows you to select “today”
  • Search will probably be the most used feature, this search works as follows :-
    • If you are in the Month view, then Searches ONLY apply to the month selected, however the search field will act in the same way as for the following views
    • When in Pinboard and Agenda all Events will be searched regardless of month.
    • You can use the actual search field in two ways as follows:-
      • If you type in “Dragon” without the “‘s  there is no need to push Enter or Return, the system will find all events which contain the word “Dragon”
      • if you type in #Dragon then the search results will only display events with the  TAG equal to Dragon
      • The TAG is usually displayed as the last line on the event, or it is sometimes listed as part of the Event Title within ()
      • For example #SQEL is the Squib Early League ….   try it
  • The # character is usually CTRL + 3 or ALT+3