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Sailing in Glandore


Sailing in Glandore


The Sailing Season at GHYC will soon be with us, it is always comforting to see the inner harbour being populated with Boats at their moorings, it is definitely the sign that things will be happening soon on the water in Glandore. However, first of all owners need to get their mooring checked and Aodh will be available during April, you will need to make your own arrangements with him directly.

The season will start with the usual Dragon Golden Sail on Saturday May 19th. With Midweek (Wednesday) racing starting on June 6th. Then throughout the season until September both the Dragon and Squibs will be sailing every Wednesday evening and Saturday afternoon. There will be Dragon and Squib racing on certain Sundays but these will be for special events and more information can be found on the club *  Calendar

* Just a note about the GHYC Calendar, to keep up to date with the clubs activity and any changes that may occur during the season , why don’t you subscribe to the Calendar, and automatically get all the updates on your Smart Phone/Tablet.

The Dinghy fleet will start to Race in July and will continue through August, the Dinghies race on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after the ISA courses have finished for the day. This year’s major Dinghy events, the Marconi Cup is being held in Crookhaven on the 28th July, with our very own Gordon Cup on the 5th August.

The GHYC School Sailing program starts in June for the local schools and continues for those interested with racing on Wednesday evenings through July & August.

Cruising boats are warmly invited to join in for the At Home and Glandore Regattas, in addition to the Castletownshend and Rabbit Island cruises.

This year the Club is hosting two special events, they are :-

  • Celtic Challenge : This is a “fun” Team Racing competition that has been held for the last 2 years, where the GHYC compete against a Team from the Royal Yacht Club Anglesey, this year the event is being held in Glandore and the teams will race using the GHYC Dragon Fleet. The competition will be on the week end of 23rd/24th
  • Irish Dragon Nationals : GHYC has the largest fleet of Dragons in Ireland, and we are proud to be hosting this event in 2018, we are looking forward to welcoming our guests from around the country and hopeful of a great turn out. The event racing starts on September 6th and end on the 9th

A Summary of all the Clubs events for the year follows:-

  • League Racing for One Design (Dragon & Squib) – May through September
  • At Home Regatta – June 2nd through 4th **
  • Celtic Challenge -23th & 24th June
  • Dragon Derby – 30th June & 1st July
  • Squib Derby – 7th July & 8th July
  • Mary Ann’s Castletownshend Cruise/Race – 14th July
  • Squib Summer Cup – 27th July through 29th July
  • Gordon Cup – 5th August
  • Rabbit Island Cruise – 6th August
  • Glandore Regatta – 18th & 19th August
  • Glandore Inn Rose Bowl – 25th & 26th August
  • Irish Dragon Nationals – 5th thru 9th

** At Home, this year GHYC expects visitors from RCYC, KYC  & SHSC, so we can expect a busy harbour with lots of activity in the Village.

Other background activities happening this year, we are standardising on a new Sailing Instruction (SI) format (as suggested in the Latest RRS 2017 – 2020). There will be a Standard SI for the whole year issued one (hopefully) in May, then each Event will have a unique Supplementary SI for the specific Event only. This has been undertaken to, minimize the number of variations within the clubs SI’s and standardise on clauses within the SI. This will be reviewed throughout the year and updated if necessary at the end of the racing season.

The Club are always on the lookout for Crew to take part in League and other racing events, if you are interested please contact the specific Class Captain (as below) or you can contact me directly. Of course if you are around the Club and or the Pier and there are members around please ask them directly.

This year we will also be asking for people to volunteer to join the Race Officer team so that the club are better prepared to hold more racing events with more Race Officers available to the club. We plan to hold a basic introduction to the Race Officer role in the Club House on Easter Saturday 31st March at 12:00 it will probably only last about 1 hour

If you need any assistance in regard to GHYC /Sailing/Racing events please do not hesitate to contact one of the contacts as below.

Finally, enjoy the sailing, whether you are racing, cruising, just relaxing and having fun, but KEEP SAFE and please be mindful of others on the water around you.

John Williams
Sailing Secretary

 Jamie Frame –  Dragon Class Captain 

Rory Doyle – Squib Class Captain

Vince Tubb – Cruiser Class Captain

TBA – Dinghy Class Captain