Glandore Harbour Yacht Club

Race Support

Teams are needed to support the racing at GHYC

All   racing hosted at GHYC requires at a minimum a Race Officer and Race Assistant, and also a Race Support Boat  which may also help with ferrying crew out to the yachts.  The larger regattas will need additional support, such as shore teams, additional mark boats and safety boats.

Historically there is a difference in how support is done for keelboat events and dinghy events. For keelboat racing we try to recruit the junior sailors and instructors who need powerboat driving time to complete logbooks for the support boat crew, and we pay them for doing this.  Please refer to the link below for the remuneration rates for those doing these jobs.

However we often need help, especially in May and June, from adult members to assist in keelboat races.  Help is also needed for all the dinghy events. Race Officers must be trained to do it, and boat helms must be certified.

There is a Race Support WhatsApp group, and also an email group.


The following links is to the rosters for Race Support teams!


Rates of Remuneration for juniors


If you would like to help and join the Race Support group then please email