Glandore Harbour Yacht Club

Castletownshend Race

Save the date!

This year’s Castletownshend race will take place on July 14th 2018. All boats start in Glandore and will be expected at Mary Anne’s in Castletownshend for lunch. Please watch our newsletter for more info closer to the date.

The 2016 annual trip to Castletownshend for all classes


 The 2016 trip to Castletownshend took place on Saturday 23rd July, the 1st Gun was for the Squib fleet and this year we have 10 Squibs taking part. They left Glandore at 11:05 and although light South Westerly winds were forecast they were travelling with an ebbing tide, so they made it out to past Shela point fairly briskly.

It was decided to give the Dragons a start at 11:25 and there were 9 Dragons in the fleet leaving for Castletownshend.The RO team then made a dash for the pier to get into a RIB and get over to the finish in time, which proved a challenge as both fleets made exceptionally good time, but we did mange to get set up just in time to receive the first boats, so the finishing order for the top 4 in each fleet were.


1st: Trojan – 1:14:28

2nd: Too Dee – 1:16:06

3rd: Kingfisher – 1:19:39

4th: Tóg go bug é – 1:21:55


1st: Aphrodite – 1:16.13

2nd: Miss Fire: 1:16.46

3rd: Sonata – 1:17.52

4th: War Baby – 1:18.19

We all met and enjoyed our lunch in Mary Ann’s, buy this time there was well over 100 from Glandore as the sailors were joined by others who came over by road. After the a very relaxing and sometime fluid lunch, the presentations were made and Fergus presented the Mary Ann shields to the respective winners.

The return race which was supported by Glenmar who donated lobsters for the winning boat crews in each class. Squibs were started at 16:05 and the Dragons 16:17. This time the tide was rising and the wind was behind the returning yachts. The RO team again had to get our skates on to get back onto the rib and make a dash over to Glandore, were we only just managed to moor up to finish the yachts from the water, the results of the second race were as follows:


1st: Trojan – 0:57.57

2nd: Kingfisher – 1:00.03

3rd: Too Dee – 1:01.21

4th: Golden Eagle – 1:01.29


1st: Aphrodite – 0:55.46

2nd: Sonata – 0:056.56

3rd: Miss Fire – 0:57.07

4th: Taranaki – 0:57.19

A very fast return trip to end what was a very enjoyable day, can’t wait until next year.