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Commodore Newsletter

Dear all,

Although it feels like we are still in winter I hear it is officially spring, the time when boat preparation takes place.  My boat remains untouched, not having a heated shed for it.

However despite this yacht club activity has continued and is now increasing:

  • Diarmaid has been working on the club power boats getting them all ready, and he says that many of them are now done.
  • We are bringing some of the dinghies back to Glandore on Saturday to prepare for the instructor courses being held on the 25th March and the 1st
  • We can run powerboat courses from the beginning of April, weekend courses but these will be dependent upon numbers interested.
  • The Dinghy Spring Series will commence in April.
  • There is a 1st Aid course on the 23rd
  • There is a significant clubhouse repair and maintenance project being organized.

Are people interested in a VHF course?  Nothing organized yet but there is some interest.  I will post a form that could be used to show interest shortly.

Finally, last but not least in importance terms, a reminder that this is quite a costly period for the club, so can I exhort you to renew your membership early and not at the last moment!

We have the club launch set for two months time, not so far away!

Best wishes,  Hal Andrews,