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Dinghy Sailing Update June 2020 Notice No. 1

As we all know, we are in extraordinary times and our priority as a Club is to operate in a way that protects all our volunteers, staff and members. For this reason, dinghy sailing arrangements this year will be different. Everyone is beyond keen to get on the water and enjoy some sailing, so here is a summary of the plans for sailing courses, racing, competitions and other dinghy activities. Please be patient with us as things may change depending on guidance from Government and Irish Sailing and on how well things work in practice.

Junior Sailing Courses

The last Club Newsletter set out the arrangements for sailing courses. The plan is clear until late July and possible changes beyond that date will be kept under review and notified to Club members promptly.

  • All Irish Sailing Certified courses are cancelled until late July and refunds will be issued for these as per Club Terms and Conditions.
  • Weekly Supported Sailing courses (5 x mornings OR 5 x evenings) will be available from 29th June for all sailors who have achieved Level 2 (Basic Skills) certification and who can supply their own boat*. For sailors who would otherwise be taking Level 3 (Improving Skills), Level 4 (Advanced Boat Handling), Adventure, Go Racing and/ or Kites & Wires courses, Supported Sailing will provide sailors with an opportunity to develop their skills. As they achieve these, they will have them signed off under the relevant course on the online Irish Sailing Checklick system which will go towards their successful completion of that course. We will ask parents to help with shore parent duty during these courses. Please go to the Club website to find out full information and register for these courses.
    (*There are limited numbers of Club boats available to be rented for courses.)
  • Resumption of ISA Certified courses from late July is being kept under review.

Note: Sailors must sail single-handed or with a family member.

If you have any queries, please contact Kevin Percy, Sailing School Manager.

Dinghy racing

When we compete, that becomes our focus and we tend to temporarily forget other priorities such as safe behaviour regarding Covid19. That is the reason why Irish Sailing, like other sports, indicated that recreational sailing could recommence before a return to racing. Our plans for racing will include arrangements for sailors to comply with Covid19 guidance and to keep everyone safe, so please expect changes to arrangements on the pier and on the water.

Racing will only proceed if it is compliant with current guidance from Government and Irish Sailing. Please check the Club website or with the Class Captain for updates.

Dinghy racing in summer is usually held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. This year, daily race training will be included in Supported Sailing courses, but Club dinghy racing will move to Sunday afternoons, with a 2pm start, and up to 5 races may be run each day.

At present we plan 2 consecutive leagues running through July and August:

  • Early Summer League: 5th, 12th and 19th July
  • Late Summer League: 26th July, 9th and 23rd August

Entry will be by online registration only, which will be open for the Early League from 29th June and for the Late Summer League from the 15th July. Numbers will be limited to allow us to comply with guidance on safe operations (20 boats for the Early Summer League).

There will be a fee for participation; €10/ boat (single-handed) and €15/boat (double handed).

Prizes will be awarded for each League. If it can be done safely, there will be a prize-giving on the pier.

Note: Helms must have passed Level 2 (Basic Skills) or be competent sailors, able to rig, launch and right their boat in the event of a capsize. Only single-handed sailors or family crews may compete to comply with guidance of safety.

Gordon Cup

As a Club event, this event is planned to go ahead on Sunday the 2nd August. Entry will be by online registration only with a fee of €10/ boat (single handed) and €15/boat (2 crew). Numbers will be limited and there will be specific safety arrangements in place such as staggered launch times.

Note: Sailors must sail single-handed or with a family member.

Club Regatta

The Sunday of the Club Regatta (16th August) there will be the usual races for different dinghy fleets and an all-in event for which there will be prizes awarded.

Marconi Cup

After much discussion and investigation of all options, the Club has decided that it cannot host the Marconi Cup in a way that is compliant with the guidance on Covid19 safety measures. For this reason, and with much regret, the Club has cancelled the event for 2020 but will offer to host a revitalised Marconi in 2021.

Women on the Water

Over the past couple of seasons, Monday evening sailing has become a “thing”! It has been a real pleasure to share female company on the water and hopefully encourage more women of all abilities to enjoy some sailing.

Current guidance is that only family members should make up crews which may limit things a little, especially for those who feel less confident about going out. It is hoped that the WoW WhatsApp group will continue to allow people to organise to go out together, maintaining social distancing and other government guidance. If anyone wants to be added to the WhatsApp group or would like to go out but either need access to a boat or perhaps some support on the water, please contact Harriet (087 6508664) and we can explore the options.

Novice Junior Sailors

Current guidance from Government and Irish Sailing has meant that it is not possible to offer courses for our novice junior sailors at this time. We are considering what we could put in place for these members and their families so please let us know if you would be interested and if you have any ideas.

Private lessons

The Club has a number of Irish Sailing qualified instructors that will be available to provide private tuition this summer and anyone interested should contact Kevin Percy, Sailing School Manager.

Please note that under present Government and Irish Sailing guidance instructors cannot join the student in the dinghy or other boat but will in a separate boat.

Sailors on the Pier

As all dinghy sailors will know, the pier can get congested with boats and with sailors, let alone other users. It’s part of what makes sailing social and fun. The plans for this season are focused on managing numbers and keeping people safe and are aimed at cutting down on this congestion. We need the help of all members with this. It is up to all of us to maintain the required social distance and follow all hygiene advice.

In order to help safely manage numbers on the pier, we would ask that Club members planning to take boats out please avoid busy launch and retrieval times around sailing courses and racing. Times to avoid from the 29th June include:

  • Weekdays: 9:00-10:15, 12:15-13:30, 14:00-15:30, 17:30-18:30
  • Sundays: 1-2pm and 4-5.00pm

Fundraising for Club Boats

As you will know the Club has a number of Visions and Topaz dinghies that are used by students on sailing courses and available for hire by members. These get great use and are a very important resource for the Club to encourage and support people to try sailing and develop their skills. Our current fleet are showing their age and we need to raise funds to replace them. This is a big challenge and particularly under the present circumstances.

We are hoping that all Club members and particularly dinghy sailors can help us to run a Boat Jumble (or maybe 2!) to help raise funds towards this. These would probably take place at the end of this summer season or at the start of the 2021 season and we would like to ask if you would consider donating gear to this – and of course come along to find bargains for yourselves or to kit out the sailors in your household! Donations of any clothing (wetsuits, bootees, gloves, life jackets, wet weather gear, etc.) in good condition and any serviceable boat parts, spares, whole boats even! would be gratefully received. If you have any contributions for this at any point during the season, or would like to help with this fundraised, please contact Harriet (087 6508664). Thank you for your support.

Buy and Sell

Members are reminded to check out the updated Club website Buy and Sell section for bargains on boats and related equipment.


* * * * *

Hopefully this update gives you an overview of how the Club aims to support dinghy sailing this summer. It all feels a little regimented and strange but we have the opportunity to get out on the water and there is no doubt that members of this Club are well able to make this summer fun!

If you’ve any queries, feel free to contact Harriet (087 6508664)

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