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Nautical Weather Warning !

The next two days will see some more unseasonable and very nautical weather arrive in Glandore. While the direst forecasts have been somewhat tempered, tomorrow Friday 7/7/23 will see strong breeze into the night, coinciding with a large tide tomorrow evening which may cause some over-topping in Glandore:

Yellow rainfall warnings, Small Craft warnings and a Gale warning are all in effect ! Heavy rainfall will lower freeboard in craft which are not self baling or without automatic pumping, adding to the load on mooring lines. Members should consider removing small craft from the pier tomorrow and removing their punts that are afloat in the Harbour, bringing them home for the weekend if possible to avoid them being washed away and congestion on the crowded pier. We checked many club and members boats on their moorings today and will undertake checks again tomorrow. If you are going out to check your own lines please don’t do so alone and take all the usual sensible precautions.

Tim Forde Commodore