Glandore Harbour Yacht Club

ISA Schedule

2020 schedule of ISA  Courses

Due to the Global Corona virus pandemic ISA courses are cancelled for the month of July. Resumption of courses from late July is being kept under review.

Weekly Supported Sailing courses (5 x mornings OR 5 x evenings) will be available from 29th June for all sailors who have achieved Level 2 (Basic Skills) certification and who can supply their own boat*. For sailors who would otherwise be taking Level 3 (Improving Skills), Level 4 (Advanced Boat Handling), Adventure, Go Racing and/ or Kites & Wires courses, Supported Sailing will provide sailors with an opportunity to develop their skills. As they achieve these, they will have them signed off under the relevant course on the online Irish Sailing Checklick system where possible.

(*There are limited numbers of Club boats available to be rented for courses.)

Supported Sailing puts the emphasis on the sailor, supported by our instructor team, to allow them to enjoy the sport of sailing & at the same time hone their skills to get some items signed off on their ISA Skills Logbook. 

This program is designed to operate within the parameters set out by the Government of Ireland to keep trainees safe whilst on the water during the national public health emergency.

Supported Sailing is guided by two principles 1) safety & 2) fun on the water – to that end, Supported Sailing is not designed to issue certificates to participants, merely to help them along on their journey to qualification as competent ISA sailors.

Parents signing their son or daughter up to this course acknowledge that the Sailing School reserves the right to cancel at any time.